No Ficción is an independent media company founded in 2016 by Daniela Alatorre, Elena Fortes, and Cinépolis. The company is devoted to producing non-fiction content for multiple platforms, with a particular emphasis on high profile, social issue documentaries for wide release. No Ficción also acts as a platform for discovering and supporting new talent, bringing projects to life, and providing mentorship and resources in order to help future storytellers enter the global arena. At the heart of No Ficción lies a strong commitment to innovation, creativity and emerging media technologies, as well as a firm belief in the power of the moving image to transform realities and engage communities for action.



Documentary / Mexico / 2018 / 13 min.
Directed by: Santiago Arau Pontones y Diego Rabasa
Produced by: Daniela Alatorre y Elena Fortes
Cinematography: Santiago Arau Pontones
Editing: Sonia Sánchez Carrasco
Sound Design: Christian Giraud
Production Company: No Ficción


May 3, 2018
Inauguration of Ambulante Festival in Mexico City

Mexico City has a long and painful relationship with earthquakes. The one that took place on September 19, 2017—only 32 years after the devastating earthquake of 1985 —brought death and destruction. Shot entirely with drones, this short film follows what happened before, during and after the tragedy. The stunning aerial views are accompanied by audio of the rescue efforts, the testimonies of the survivors, and news reports covering the aftermath of the disaster. Together, the images and audio offer a heart wrenching portrait of the uncertainty and confusion caused by the earthquake.

Marina's Pearl

Directed by: Daniela Alatorre
Produced by: Daniela Alatorre, Natalia Almada,
Elena Fortes
Production company: No Ficción



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Marina’s Pearl is an intimate portrait of the bond between Marina and her teenage granddaughter Perla, who join 3000 women every year on an annual Catholic pilgrimage to the 250 year-old monastery of Atotonilco, in central Mexico. Together, they lock themselves up for one week to perform the Stations of the Cross. Perla’s coming of age accentuates a generational divide as she struggles to assert her independence as a woman in a changing society.

Midnight Family

Directed by: Luke Lorentzen
Producers: Kellen Quinn y Luke Lorentzen
Co-producers: No Ficción, Elena Fortes y Daniela Alatorre
Edition: Paloma López Carrillo



In Mexico City’s wealthiest neighborhoods, the Ochoa family runs a private ambulance, competing with other for-profit EMTs for patients in need of urgent help. As the Ochoas try to make a living in this fraught industry, they struggle to keep their dire finances from compromising the people in their care.

Development is a No Ficción space to know proposals and documentary projects. We seeks open new channels for regional non fiction projects and professionalize the ranks of those producers so as to make them competitive in the world marketplace for the documentary film. To the selected proyects we offer different modes of mentorship and companionship designed to fit each of the participant needs and guide them throuhg the production stages.



Daniela Alatorre is the head of the Documentary Programming Committee for the Morelia International Film Festival, which she produced for ten years. She is the producer of: 2009 Sundance Award winning documentary El General (2009), directed by Natalia Almada; ¡De Panzazo! (2012), the second most seen documentary in the history of Mexico, directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo and Carlos Loret de Mola; El Ingeniero (2012), which won Best Documentary at the Mexican Film Festival of the Americas, directed by Alejandro Lubezki; and the NYT OpDocs Unsilenced, directed by Betzabé García. She is part of the board of trustees of the Ambulante Film Festival in Mexico and the Flaherty Film Seminar in New York, where she serves as Vice-chair. She has been an advisor and juror for the Mexican Institute of Cinematography, the Guadalajara International Film Festival, the Durango Film Festival, the Ambulante Documentary Post Production Grant, DocsDF, Sheffield Film Festival, Proimágenes Colombia, the Cinema Tropical Awards, the Palm Springs International Film Festival and Documenta Madrid.

Daniela has been part of the Sundance Editing, Music and Creative Producing Labs, a Flaherty Film Seminar fellow in 2010, and a participant from 2011 to 2016. She holds an MFA in documentary film from the School of Visual Arts in NY.


Elena Fortes Acosta was born in Mexico City in 1981. From 2005-2016 she was director of Ambulante, a non-profit organization that she co-founded with Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, and Pablo Cruz, in order to support and promote documentary film culture. Every year, Ambulante sponsors a traveling festival that brings a selection of over 100 films to more than 100 venues located in 12 regions across Mexico. Since 2006, the festival has traveled more than 280,000 kms, reaching over 750,000 people in 20 countries. In 2010, Fortes launched Ambulante Beyond, a long-term training program in documentary filmmaking for youth in Mexico and Central America. More than 50 projects have been supported through the program, several of which have gone on to win awards and screen at festivals like Berlin. In addition to her work in visual media, Fortes has been active in Mexico's political sphere, working for nonprofits focused on advocating increased participation of young people in policymaking and on exposing human rights violations in the country. She has participated in the jury of numerous film festivals, including CPH DOX, Sundance FIlm Festival, Hot Docs, Camerimage, among others, and is part of the Morelia International Film Festival documentary programming committee.

Cinépolis is the largest cinema exhibitor in Latin America and the fourth largest in the world. Its innovative theater concepts have revolutionized the movie going experience. It currently has over 30,000 employees and over 4,500 screens in 97 cities across Mexico and 12 countries in three continents (India, United States, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica). It ranks second place in the world in terms of audience (262.3 million in 2015). For 12 consecutive years, it has been recognized as a Socially Responsible Company and certified as a Super Company by Expansion and Top Companies.