Dir. Santiago Arau Pontones y Diego Rabasa
Santiago Arau Pontones
Diego Rabasa
Daniela Alatorre
Elena Fortes
Edited by
Sonia Sánchez Carrasco
Sound Design
Christian Giraud
Director of Photography
Santiago Arau Pontones
Additional Photography
Édgar Ardito
Víctor Ceballos
Roberto Hernández
Luciano Larobina
Still Photography
Pedro Mera
Post Producer
Ariel Gordon
Official Selection DOCSMX 2018 /
Best Short Documentary Ariel Award Nomination 2019 /
Ambulante Festival 2018 /
Portland Latin American Film Festival 2018 /
Biennale Architettura Venice 2018 /
Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2019 /
Official Selection Shorts Mexico Film Festival 2019 /


Mexico City has a long and painful relationship with earthquakes. The one that took place on September 19, 2017—only  32 years after the devastating earthquake of 1985 —brought death and destruction. Shot entirely with drones, this short film follows what happened before, during and after the tragedy. The stunning aerial  views are accompanied by audio of the rescue efforts, the testimonies of the survivors, and news reports covering the aftermath of the disaster. Together, the images and audio offer a heart wrenching  portrait of the uncertainty and confusion caused  by the earthquake.