A tale of two kitchens
Trisha Ziff
Written by
Trisha Ziff
Sheerly Avni
Daniela Alatorre
Elena Fortes
Executive Producer
Gael García Bernal
Supervising Producer
Marta Núñez Puerto
Consulting Producer
Bruni Burres
Edited by
Jorge Márquez
Director of Photography
Ramón Orozco Stoltenberg
World premiere Tribeca Film Festival 2019 /
Ambulante 2019 /

Press kit

Two countries, two restaurants, one vision. At Gabriela Cámara's acclaimed Contramar in Mexico City, the welcoming uniformed waiters are as beloved by diners as its seafood menu where the entire staff see themselves as part of an extended family. Meanwhile at Cala in San Francisco, Camara hires staff from different backgrounds and cultures including ex-felons, who view the work as an important opportunity to grow. A Tale of Two Kitchens explores the ways in which a restaurant can be a place of dignity and community.