I Called For You In Silence
José María Espinosa de
Paloma Cabrera Yañez
Juan Pablo Espinosa de
Executive Producers
Juan Pablo Espinosa de
Ixchel Cisneros
Daniela Alatorre
Elena Fortes
Luis Sosa
Sam Patillo
Daniel Zúñiga
Edited by
Horacio Romo Mercado
Production Companies
EMT Films
Cinema del Norte
No Ficción
The José Rovirosa Award for Best Mexican Documentary 2021 /
The Audience Award DocsMX 2021 /
The Audience Award Zanate Film Festival 2021 /
Festival Ambulante 2021 /
DocsMX 2021 /
Zanate Film Festival 2021 /

On July 14th, 2014, Roberto Corrales disappeared. His mother, Mirna Nereida, reached out to the authorities and asked for help, but her request was met with refusal. In the absence of authority and rule of law, Mirna founded Las Rastreadoras de El Fuerte, a collective of women who go to the desert in Sinaloa with pickaxes and shovels in search of their disappeared children. For years, they have endured violence, abuse from government authorities, who are often colluded with organized crime groups, as well as society’s indifference. I Called for You in Silence takes an intimate look at the Rastreadoras daily struggle and their efforts to keep hope alive to continue searching for their loved ones.